You Should Not Ignore : 10 Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

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According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), lung cancer is the second most diagnosed cancer among both men and women in the United States.

Also known as carcinoma of the lung, lung cancer occurs due to uncontrolled cell growth in tissues of the lung. If left untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body. Lung cancer is broadly classified into two types: small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

Smoking is the number one risk factor for getting lung cancer. However, it may also develop in people who never smoked.



Lung cancer mainly occurs in older people. Almost 70 percent of people diagnosed with it are over 65 years old, while less than 3 percent are under age 45.

According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer causes about 27 percent of all cancer deaths. In fact, every year, more people die of lung cancer than colon, breast and prostate cancers combined.

This is because this cancer is often diagnosed at a later stage, making it more difficult to treat. In many cases, it may not show any noticeable symptoms in the early stages.

Thus, it is essential to know the possible signs and symptoms of lung cancer, so if needed you can consult your doctor and catch it in the early stages.


10 signs and symptoms of lung cancer you should not ignore.

1. Chronic Coughing

2. Coughing up Blood

3. Wheezing Sound

4. Shortness of Breath

5. Chest and Bone Pain

6. Frequent Chest Infections

7. Difficulty Swallowing

8. Raspy, Hoarse Voice

9. Unexplained Weight Loss

10. Nail Clubbing

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52 Simple Ways to Be Your Best Every Week

Get smart about what is happening at work and learn how to excel with 52 simple but effective precepts.

Millions of people go to work every day, but they don’t bring the best parts of themselves to the job–often because they don’t know how. They may be stuck in a rut, never quite able to feel they’re doing truly excellent work.

If you like what you do and you want to take it to the next level, concentrate on these 52 simple, effective ways that you can excel at work every single week.

1. Make people feel special. Encourage and empower people at every chance.

2. Find work you love and put your heart and soul into it. Choose a job you love and you will never have to work another day in your life.

3. Focus on the task at hand. Do the best you can where you are with what you have.

4. Treat every task as important. Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it.

5. Always do the right thing, even when it’s hard. Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can.

6. Delegate whenever you can. You get the best out of people when you believe in their talent.

7. Take initiative. Even if you’re already very good at your job, do whatever you can to push your limits.

8. Be part of the solution. Don’t be known as someone who is always complaining about something.

9. Tell the truth. Let people know they can count on you to be honest even when it creates difficulties.

10. Help as many people as you can along the way. Become someone people seek out for assistance.

11. Avoid gossip always. It should go without saying, but turn a deaf ear to gossip and rumors.

12. Maintain a positive attitude. A positive attitude is always contagious.

13. Double your income by tripling your knowledge. Don’t let your knowledge and skills become outdated.

14. Mind your emotions. When you’re angry, count to 10; before you speak, count to a hundred.

15. Make small daily improvements for stunning results. Most of the time, success consists of a series of little daily efforts.

16. Sharpen your skills and focus on mastering your talents. Avoid boredom–and learn a new skill to keep you on top of your game.

17. Be masterful at what you do despite the obstacles. No person fails who does their best.

18. Don’t feed your fears. Have faith that you will make it through.

19. Always be prepared. Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation

20. Ask for help when you need it. There is no such thing as a self-made person; you will reach your goals only with the help of others.

21. Set goals and get results. It’s important to know where you are going, how you will get there, and what the outcome will be.

22. Be all that you can be. Don’t settle for less than your highest potential.

23. Don’t worry about getting credit for getting things done. You can accomplish almost anything if you don’t worry about who gets the credit.

24. Preserve your integrity. Make daily choices that are consistent with your values.

25. Be a good role model. Live by your values and walk your talk.

26. Don’t accept “good enough.” Do everything with excellence.

27. Persevere with persistence. Success is largely a matter of hanging on long after others have let go.

28. Consider leadership something that exists wherever you are. Make the most of yourself in every situation.

29. Say please and thank you. It really does matter.

30. Respect. The more you give, the more you receive.

31. Accept responsibility. Take full responsibility with full confidence to get the job done well.

32. Be determined to be your best. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in your determination.

33. Remember you are what you think. It is important to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

34. Erase your limitations. When you can conquer your fears, it’s like lifting a hundred pounds of cement off your shoulders.

35. Treat failure as a step toward success. Failure is never fatal, but not trying is.

36. Be trustworthy. Make promises and keep your word.

37. Become an expert. Make the most of your knowledge

38. Respect people’s time. Everyone is busy. When you have someone’s attention, be quick and succinct.

39. Be an active listener. Make sure you listen at least as much as you speak.

40. Honor your commitments. When you make a promise, keep it.

41. Be a great team player. Maximize your contribution.

42. Let go of restrictions. Don’t be limited by the scope of your thinking. Think big and succeed big.

43. Deliver results. When you are given a directive, get it done well and on time.

44. Be transparent.The more transparent you are with information, the more people will understand why you do what you do.

45. Be kind. Be unfailingly kind, polite, and gracious with everyone you come into contact with–no matter what their role, and no matter how you’re feeling

46. Manage your stress. Take every action to minimize stress at work because you don’t want it to get the best of you.

47. Be dependable. Be consistent in yourself and reliable in your performance.

48. Communicate with heart. Sincerity helps you avoid many blunders and misunderstandings.

49. Work with purpose. Bring meaning to everything you do.

50. Be true to yourself. Everything you do should represent who you are.

51. Make every moment count. We do not count years until there is nothing else to count.

52. Lead from within. Everything you need for a successful life is within you now.

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How to solve SAMSUNG CORE 2 Voice Clarity Issue

Hello Everyone, In this post i will share a method to solve the voice clarity issue of Samsung Core II mobile phone.

Samsung Core 2


I know its been a pain when a call comes and the we unable to hear it properly sound is not properly heard. I talk to many people who have this mobile and having same problem. I will illustrate a method to solve this issue just give a try and if you get the problem solve please comment.


Method to solve SAMSUNG CORE 2 Voice Clarity Issue

1. Go to setting

2. More Networks

3. Mobile Networks

4 Now change sim 1 to (wcdma/gsm)  auto*

5 and change sim 2 to GSM only*

6 save this setting and call other to see the difference that your problem is solve.

* choose your setting as you want to use internet with the sim you want remember you have to choose different types not the same on both sim cards.

Thus you can solve this voice chat/ voice clarity issue on SAMSUNG CORE 2








Geo-Targeted Local Landing Pages That Really Rank and Convert

This week we’re talking about geo-targeted or geo-specific local landing pages for companies that are trying to reach many geographic regions and need to have that scale, but don’t necessarily have a local physical location in every city they’re trying to target.

So if you can imagine I’m going to use the fictitious Rand’s Whisky Company, and Rand’s Whisky Company is going to be called Specialty Whisky. We’re going to be running events all over the country in all sorts of cities. We’re going to be trying to reach people with a really local approach to whisky, because I’m very passionate about whisky, and I want everyone to be able to try scotches and bourbons and American whiskies as well.

Okay, this sounds great, but there’s going to be a big challenge. Rand’s Whisky Company has no physical location in any city other than our main Seattle headquarters. This is a big challenge, and I’ve talked to many startups and many companies who have this same problem. Essentially they need to rank for a core set of terms in many different geographies.

So they might say, “Hey, we want to be in Nashville, Tennessee, and in Atlanta, Georgia, and we’ve identified a lot of whisky consumers in, let’s say, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But we can’t open physical, local office space in every one of those geographies. In fact, we could probably only start by having a Web presence in each of those. We haven’t yet necessarily achieved sort of scale and service in every single one of those geos.” It’s not like I’m running events in every one of these the day I start. I might start with Seattle and Portland and maybe Boise, Idaho, or Spokane or something like that, and then eventually I’ll grow out.

This presents a big challenge in search results, because the way Google’s results work is that they bias to show kind of two things in a lot of categories. They’ll try and show you the local purveyors of whatever it is that the person is searching for in the local or maps results. Obviously, Pigeon had a big change and update to these, changing the geographic areas and changing the ordering of those results and now many map results show up, and those sorts of things. But obviously they’re still very present.

We see them a lot. MozCast sees a very high percent of local intent queries even sometimes without the city modifier. If you’re in a geography, you search for a whisky store, and you know what? Liquor stores and specialty liquor companies and that kind of stuff, they’re going to show up in your search results here in Seattle in those Maps local boxes. So that makes it tough.

Then the other category is, of course, the organic web results. That’s where folks like this, Rand’s Whisky Company and other folks who are trying to scale their local presence, need to show up because you really won’t have an opportunity in those local results unless and until you have true local physical space. So you’re aiming for those Web results.

You’re oftentimes competing with people like Yelp and Angie’s List. A lot of the old Yellow Pages folks are in their directories and guides. Then sometimes, occasionally there will be a company that does a great job with this.

So there two companies that I want to call out. One is Uber, which everyone is pretty much familiar with, and Uber has done a great job of having their website contained in unique portals for each city in which they operate, unique social accounts, unique blogs. They really have put together a segmented operation that targets each city that they’re in. They do have physical space, so they’re cheating a little bit on this front.

Then another one is a company called Ride the Ducks, and Ride the Ducks has different websites for every city that they operate in. So there’s a duck tour in Boston, a duck tour in Seattle, a duck tour in Los Angeles, all this kind of stuff. You can ride the ducks in any of these cities.

Now let’s say that you’re a startup or a company starting out, and you’re thinking, “Okay, fine. I’m going to have my Specialty Whisky page for Seattle, and I’ll just put some generic information in there, and then I’ll replace Seattle with Portland, with Los Angeles, with Baton Rouge.” That’s my Baton Rouge page. That’s my Los Angeles page. This is called the find and replace.

Even if you push this out, even if you customize some of the content on this page, try and make it a little more specific, have a few addresses or locations, you will fail. Unfortunately, Angie’s List, who I mentioned, they do a really terrible job of this. They have a lot of pages that are what I call find and replace pages. You could just plug in nearly any city, and that’s what the results would look like. They do rank. They are ranking because they were early and because they’ve got a lot of domain authority. Do not think that you can copy their content strategy and succeed.

The next one is a little bit more scaled out. This is a little bit more like what someone such as a Yelp or TripAdvisor might do for some of their landing pages. They’ve got some unique info in each city. It’s the same for each city, but it’s scaled out and it’s relatively comprehensive. So, my Specialty Whisky Seattle page might show our favorite bars in Seattle. It might show some recommended stores where you can buy whisky. It might show some purveyors, some vendors, that we like. It could have some local events listed on the page. Fine, great. That could be good enough if the intent is always the same.

So if every city’s intent, the people who are searching for restaurants in Portland versus restaurants in Seattle, you’re basically looking for the same thing. It’s the same kind of people looking for the same kind of thing, and that’s how Yelp and TripAdvisor and folks like that have scaled this model out to success.

If you want to take it even one step further, my final recommendation is to go in that direction of what Uber and Ride the Ducks and those types do, which is they essentially have a customized experience created by a local team in that city, even if they don’t necessarily have a physical office. Uber, before they open the physical office, will send people out. They’ll go team gathering. Yelp did this, too, in their history as they were scaling out.

That kind of thing is like, “Hey, we’ve got some photos from some of our events. We’ve got a representative in the city.” This is Seattle Whiskey Pete, and Whiskey Pete says, “Yar, you should buy some whiskey.” It’s got a list of events. So Knee High is stocking up for the holiday (presumably at the Knee High Stocking Company, which is a great little speakeasy here in Seattle), and whisky at Bumbershoot. You can follow our @WhiskySeattle account on Twitter, and that’s different from our @WhiskyPortland, our @WhiskyLosAngeles or our @WhiskyNewYork accounts. Great.

There’s a bunch of top Seattle picks. So this is a very customized page. This experience is completely owned and controlled by a team that’s focused purely on Seattle. This is sort of the Holy Grail. It’s hard to scale to this, which is why this other approach can really be okay for a lot of folks trying to scale up and rank for all of those geo terms plus their keywords.

What’s the process by which you go about this? I’m glad you asked because I wrote it down. Number one, we want to try and determine the searcher’s intent and how we can satisfy the query and at the same time delight visitors. We’ve got to create a unique, special experience for them and delight visitors in addition to satisfying their query.

So for Seattle whisky, I can show them where they can buy whisky in the city. I can recommend some bars that have a great whisky selection, and then I can delight them by showing some tips and tricks from our community. I can delight them by giving them special priority access to events. I can delight them by giving them a particular guide that they could print out and take with them or the ability to register for special things that they couldn’t get elsewhere, buy whiskies that they’d never be able to get, whatever it is, something special to delight them.

Number two, I want to select the group of keywords, and I say group because usually there are a few keywords in every one of the verticals that I’ve talked to people about. There are usually between 3 and about 20 sets of keywords that they really, deeply care about per each geography. Do be careful. You’ve got to be wary of local colloquialisms. For example, if you’re in the United States, whiskey is often spelled with an “e”, W-H-I-S-K-E-Y, whereas in the U.K. and most of Europe, most of the rest of the English language speaking world, it’s spelled W-H-I-S-K-Y with no “e”.

Also you want to take those groups, and you want to actually combine them. So say I’ve got a bunch of keywords over here. I might want to say, “Hey, you know what? These three keywords, whisky tastings and whisky events, that’s the same intent.” I don’t need to create two different landing pages for those. Let’s take those and bunch them up and group them and make that one page. That’ll be our Seattle Whisky Events page, and we’ll target tastings and events and festivals and whatever other synonyms might go in there.

Third, I want to create a few of these, one of these two models of really amazing pages as a sample, as an instruction for all future ones. This is what we want to get to. Let’s make the best, most perfect page for Seattle, and then we’ll go make one for Portland and we’ll go make one for Los Angeles. Then we’ll see how do we get that into a process that will scale for us. You want that process to be repeatable. You want it to be well-defined. You want it to be so that a content team, who comes in, or contractor, an agency can take that document, can look at the examples, and replicate that on a city by city basis. That’s going to require a lot of uniqueness. You need to have those high bars set up so that they can achieve them.

The fourth and last thing for these pages you’re creating is you’ve got to be able to answer this question: Who will amplify this page and why? By amplify, I mean share socially, share via word of mouth, share via email, link to it. Who will amplify it and why? How are we going to reach them?

Then go get them. Go prove to yourself that with those two or three amazing example pages that you made that you can actually do it, and then make that part of your scaling process.

Now you’ve got something where you can truly say, “Yes, we can go geo by geo and have the potential to rank in market after market for the terms and phrases that we care about in the organic results.”

Long term, if you have a lot of success in a city, my next suggestion would be that you move from this model to this model where you actually have a local team, just one person, even a contractor, someone who visits. It doesn’t have to be a permanent resident of that city. It can be someone who goes there a month out of the year, whatever it is, every few weekends and owns that page and that experience and that section of your site for that specific geo that produces remarkable results.

They build relationships. That furthers your press, and that furthers your brand in that town. There’s a lot of opportunity there. So that’s eventually where you want to move to.

All right, everyone. I hope all of you out there who are building local, geo-targeted landing pages at scale have found this valuable, and I hope you’re going to go build some phenomenal pages. Maybe someone will even start a whisky company for me.



Blogging has become a platform for earning a living as well as a place where many writers explore their talents. As easy as it may seem, it should be noted that it is one thing to have a personal blog and another thing to make your blog something that net your actual income. Therefore, every person who considers starting their own blog, have to take into consideration not only how to make blogging their full-time job but also how to make money in the process by attracting readers to their blogs.

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is getting readers and for the first few months it may not be fun at all. Although one of the ways of attracting people to your blog and earning more income is by presenting excellently written contents, but until someone reads and finds value in it and afterwards share it with others, your content exists in a black hole.

In the quest to earn more from blogging, different bloggers have done several things running from jumping headfirst into their blogs and hoping things turn out all right, exhausting themselves by pumping out pages after pages of content that  no one reads at all as well as posing in some artistically great styles all in the name of attracting readers.  Sadly to say, this blogs still fail not because their content is bad or their keywords are poorly optimized or popular bloggers are ignoring them but because they are publishing what they want to say or what they think will attract the readers and not thinking for a moment about what anyone wants to read.

The most important point that every blogger should note in their quest to earn more from blogging is building more traffic towards their blogs. So how do bloggers create more traffic?

The Brand New Way to Build More Traffic So As To Earn More from Blogging:

Every blogger needs to drive some traffic towards their blog since without traffic nobody will find their content and that follows that they will earn no links at all. As stated above, most bloggers just publicize what they deem interesting without getting the readers views. Therefore, the brand new way to build more traffic towards your blog is by understanding what is going on in the minds of the readers since the greater your understanding, the greater your traffic will be. This is because if you’re writing about a topic lots of people want to know more about, you can do almost everything wrong, and your blog will grow anyway as compared to writing on a topic that you are the only one who cares to know about.

As a blogger you can understand the readers’ minds by emailing those who comment on your blog and asking them the topics they would like to hear more about.  In case you have these readers phone numbers, you can call them on the phone, get to know them, stay with them on phone and try to answer all their questions as well as responding to their concerns. Even if you don’t have readers, you can go outside your blog and read the comments on popular blogs in your niche. You can also listen to what people are saying on Twitter as well as attending the Q&A calls and webinars that other authorities are holding, and write down the questions people ask. In doing this, you will always find a pattern, that is one or two questions asked by everyone and that is what you need to write on.

Therefore, as a smart blogger, the brand new way to build traffic in order to earn more from blogging is never to stop listening at your readers comments since this will enable you understand their mind and write blogs that attract them.

Author Bio:

Janet Adams has been chosen her career as a writer to serve students by providing the maximum capable service working with a cheap essay writing service in USA which helps college students in building a successful academic writing career. She has been set up Masters Degree in Educational Science from a reputed university and now serving for what she foreseen.