Blogging has become a platform for earning a living as well as a place where many writers explore their talents. As easy as it may seem, it should be noted that it is one thing to have a personal blog and another thing to make your blog something that net your actual income. Therefore, every person who considers starting their own blog, have to take into consideration not only how to make blogging their full-time job but also how to make money in the process by attracting readers to their blogs.

One of the biggest challenges that bloggers face is getting readers and for the first few months it may not be fun at all. Although one of the ways of attracting people to your blog and earning more income is by presenting excellently written contents, but until someone reads and finds value in it and afterwards share it with others, your content exists in a black hole.

In the quest to earn more from blogging, different bloggers have done several things running from jumping headfirst into their blogs and hoping things turn out all right, exhausting themselves by pumping out pages after pages of content that  no one reads at all as well as posing in some artistically great styles all in the name of attracting readers.  Sadly to say, this blogs still fail not because their content is bad or their keywords are poorly optimized or popular bloggers are ignoring them but because they are publishing what they want to say or what they think will attract the readers and not thinking for a moment about what anyone wants to read.

The most important point that every blogger should note in their quest to earn more from blogging is building more traffic towards their blogs. So how do bloggers create more traffic?

The Brand New Way to Build More Traffic So As To Earn More from Blogging:

Every blogger needs to drive some traffic towards their blog since without traffic nobody will find their content and that follows that they will earn no links at all. As stated above, most bloggers just publicize what they deem interesting without getting the readers views. Therefore, the brand new way to build more traffic towards your blog is by understanding what is going on in the minds of the readers since the greater your understanding, the greater your traffic will be. This is because if you’re writing about a topic lots of people want to know more about, you can do almost everything wrong, and your blog will grow anyway as compared to writing on a topic that you are the only one who cares to know about.

As a blogger you can understand the readers’ minds by emailing those who comment on your blog and asking them the topics they would like to hear more about.  In case you have these readers phone numbers, you can call them on the phone, get to know them, stay with them on phone and try to answer all their questions as well as responding to their concerns. Even if you don’t have readers, you can go outside your blog and read the comments on popular blogs in your niche. You can also listen to what people are saying on Twitter as well as attending the Q&A calls and webinars that other authorities are holding, and write down the questions people ask. In doing this, you will always find a pattern, that is one or two questions asked by everyone and that is what you need to write on.

Therefore, as a smart blogger, the brand new way to build traffic in order to earn more from blogging is never to stop listening at your readers comments since this will enable you understand their mind and write blogs that attract them.

Author Bio:

Janet Adams has been chosen her career as a writer to serve students by providing the maximum capable service working with a cheap essay writing service in USA which helps college students in building a successful academic writing career. She has been set up Masters Degree in Educational Science from a reputed university and now serving for what she foreseen.


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