Tools and Tactics to Test Your Product/Marketing Before You Launch

Hey see this video about “ Tools and Tactics to Test Your Product/Marketing Before You Launch

In this video you get full information regarding marketing plan, a landing page, or even a full web app. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if what you are building is going to be successful?

See video here

1 this is very, very common, but a lot of people still don’t use it, which is before you invest in all of the organic inbound marketing channels, things like SEO and social media and content marketing and doing press outreach and outreach to bloggers, all of this stuff, you can actually buy keywords through PPC just by flipping on an AdWords account, flipping on a Bing account, and then sending traffic from the search results over to your web page.

2, the thing about this is you need to have a functional page here, but it doesn’t have to be complete. What you really want to understand is you want to understand how interested are these visitors in my potential product? This doesn’t necessarily require building out the full feature set, building out the full product.

3, you can actually do this and apply it, not just to products but to blog posts, to content, to viral content, to an infographic, to a video, to whatever you want by running surveys, simple surveys of your users or your friends or a beta test list or you can use anonymous lists. You could try something like Mechanical Turk or a FIVERR – we’ll talk about those in a second – to test that viral content or even to give you preferences of topics and headlines.

4, the final one here, there are some great tools that you can use to get this testing up front, and this is not just testing necessarily for a headline or for an app, but to test landing pages and their performance, to test a marketing campaign or a message, even to test the usability of websites. I urge you to give these a try, so Feedback Army, this is something that SEOmoz’s own Joanna Lord likes a lot, Five Second Test.

Now, the process here is less about which specific tool you use and what you use it for and more the idea. What I want you to take away from this is that you don’t have to do the full launch to get feedback and know how things are going to perform. You can do early, up front testing, make something people want, and then see it perform in the wild in a wonderful, wonderful way.


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